Specialists in Conveyancing & Settlement Services

If you are buying or selling a property, there is nothing more valuable to your property experience than having the support and expertise of the right company who specialise in conveyancing and settlement services.

At Dunsborough Settlements, we give you peace of mind your settlement is being handled expertly and professionally. Whether you are a first home buyer or buying and selling your twentieth home, we provide you with the time and advice you need to ensure you thoroughly understand the process and we are committed to providing a smooth, efficient and stress-free settlement for all of our clients.

Dunsborough Settlements are PEXA Certified Members and can complete your settlement through the PEXA Electronic Workspace. Find out more about Electronic Conveyancing at   www.pexa.com.au/buyers-sellers PEXA-Certified-Members(Email).png

Dunsborough Settlements are members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (WA Division) and are Certified Practising Conveyancers.  aicwa.jpg      

Please contact Dunsborough Settlements on (08) 9756 8500 or email info@dunsboroughsettlements.com.au to discuss your settlement requirements.

  • Residential settlements
  • Commercial settlements
  • Strata title settlements
  • Vacant land settlements
  • First home buyer settlements
  • Subdivisions
  • Change of name on Certificate of Title
  • Change of particulars on Certificate of Title
  • Related party transfers
  • Survivorship and transmission application upon the death of a person
  • Certificate of Title and encumbrance searches